Local Area

Burghead is situated in the North East of Scotland, on the coast to the east of Inverness. The town as we know it today was originally a site of a fort created by Pictish settlers, created at around 400AD, this is where carved slabs depicting bulls were found; they are known as the "Burghead Bulls" and we have used a likeness in our logo today.

Also within the fort was the remarkable Burghead Well - an underground chamber, cut from the rock, which is fed fresh water via springs, and can still be visited and entered today, to the Picts this was a place of spiritual significance.

Many of the buildings in the town today originate from around the early 19th century and are made of sandstone which was quarried along the coast for centuries. We have a great Visitors Centre too, housed in a former coastguard lookout built on the inner rampart of the fort. In the centre you can learn about Burghead from 400AD to the present day.

Walking by the coast of Burghead you will notice that, at low tide, large are of peat becomes exposed, this is due to the sea levels round Burghead being much lower during the Ice Age. There is also the wreck of the Olive of Banff, a ship carrying a cargo of barley which became stranded in 1865.

If you are lucky enough you may also see the Bottlenose Dolphins which frequently pass Burghead, and even the occasional Minke Whale can be seen during the summer months.